About Rasco

Grady B. Rasco Middle School was opened in 1995 as a 5th grade and 6th grade campus and currently has an average yearly enrollment of 850 students. The campus is located in Lake Jackson on 20 acres nestled between community soccer and baseball fields. Rasco Middle School is adjacent to MacLean Park and the Lake Jackson Recreation Center. 

Our campus is designed to transition students from an elementary model to a secondary schedule. Fifth graders, for instance, travel as a class throughout their day, while sixth graders have independent schedules. Sixth graders have lockers, while fifth grade students do not. On both grades, students are part of a smaller learning community, designed to provide students with a comfortable and child-centered environment. All teams are named in honor of our "Rasco Rockets" mascot as follows: 

 5th Grade
 6th Grade
 Team Pioneer
Team Apollo
Team Discovery
Team Galileo
Team Spirit
Team Endeavour
Team Odyssey
 Team Voyager


The Mission of Grady B. Rasco Middle School is to provide a nurturing atmosphere where all students can learn, gain confidence, and explore opportunities.

"Teach the Mind and Touch the Heart"

Student Teacher Ratio 28:1

Student Population

Gifted & Talented: 15%
Economically Disadvantaged: 40%


Pacific Islander: .13 %
African American: 5.6 %
Asian: 2.3 %
Hispanic: 32 %
Native American:.4 %
White: 57 %
Two or more Races: 2 %

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